Reviews of Formal Dress


Picking out a formal dress for that special event can be daunting. It helps to do some research on the designers who make the formal dresses before you go out shopping. Here are some brief comments on just a few of the many dress collections that are available.

Night Moves Prom
WOW, these dresses are unique and vibrant! May be the only place you can find a tie-dyed or zebra print with blue formal dress. Very hot choices, especially for prom in Miami.

Night Time by Forever Yours
These are beautiful and affordable formal dresses. They do some very neat things with the straps and have one of a kind back designs.

This is a large collection of formal dresses. Some are typical and boring. There are a few dresses that stand out with one of kind prints.

Niki by Niki Lavas
I know I have said it a lot, but the color choices in this line are some of the best I have seen. The line is small and the designs are all similar with the silky, straight-lined, halter-top look. But

Wedding Dresses


On the whole brides spend a long time looking for their bridal gown because they want it to be perfect. They will search through as many dresses as they can possibly get their hands on in their quest to find the “one”. For many brides they don’t consider making the task a lot more easier by just looking at the dress designers instead of hundreds of wedding dresses. Below you’ll find 4 different ways to choose between these designers. The best way to narrow down the bridal gown designers and in turn dresses is to focus on the attributes which are the most important to you.

The Price

If you have a budget and most brides do, then the price of the dress is the easiest way to choose between the different designers. This is because different designers will have their dresses and prices aimed at the different market segments. If you look through the dresses created by the designers you will be able to gauge their price range and decide if they fit within your budget. This way you only need to look at wedding dresses that you

Maternity Wedding Dresses


Today, more bridal wear designers and clothing manufacturers focus on providing pregnant brides with wonderful selections of gorgeous maternity wedding dresses. Gone are the days of generic-looking and loose wedding dress mumus; they have been replaced by chic and fashionable maternity wedding garments. You no longer have to compromise your dream wedding dress style simply because you’re expecting.

Most maternity wedding dresses use stretch fabrics designed to accommodate your ever-changing body. A number of maternity wedding dresses have empire waistlines with softly flowing fabric designed to fit loosely around the midsection to fit your growing belly. There are also some maternity wedding dresses made from stretchy materials like spandex, but if you’re looking for something a little more elegant, you may opt for silk, satin or stretchy lace maternity wedding dresses.

Finding the Perfect Maternity Wedding Dress

The following are some tips designed to help you find the perfect maternity wedding dress.

Tip 1: As much as possible, try to purchase your maternity wedding dress close to your actual wedding date.

If you purchase your maternity wedding dress months ahead of your actual wedding, your body is still going to experience numerous

Formal Dress Collection

A number of young and talented dress designers have come in the fashion market and it has brought a new revolution in this particular field. Fashion industry is thriving at the present in Pakistan and such young designers are playing a vital role in this process. Among the most talented female dress designers, Sana Safinaz has become widely popular in the recent years. This designer brand showcases a huge range of bridal and formal dresses, including casual wears and party dresses as well.

She offers dresses for women only and aims at meeting the taste of all age groups. This brand launches a number of collections every year and keeps up to date with the current fashion trends.

The latest collection launched by Sana was exhibited in Karachi in the Fashion Pakistan Week 5 and it received huge appreciation from fashion icons, like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. This collection mostly used darker shades, like orange, red, blue, maroon etc. and also includes some pieces of bold cuts.

Traditional Bridal Collection

She has come up with some of the most stunning bridal dresses available in the market. This brand not only aims at preserving the traditional

Different Styles of Designer Prom Dress

It’s a really good idea to buy a designer prom dress; they’re made from the best fabrics, designed by the best designers and offer more individuality. A girl can look and feel a million dollars wearing one. But, it’s important to know about style terminology and what styles best complement certain body shapes. Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the best gown style.


An empire cut dress has a high waistline with the hem beginning just beneath the bust. The skirt falls away straight to the floor. The empire style is not only one of the most beautiful of styles; it’s also one of the most forgiving. If you have pear shape (most women do) or a thick waist this style of gown de-emphasizes the lower half of the body, while emphasizing the bust. It also creates an illusion of height for short or petite figures. You can find many examples of this style from the Tiffany or Joli prom dress collections.

Ball Gown

This is a very traditional and still very popular style. It is characterized by a very full skirt that begins at the natural waist and falls

Dresses For A Special Touch For Your Special Event

The Quinceanera is a very important part of every young woman’s life. You have a beautiful event that is set apart just to mark the approach of adulthood in your life. You get to dress up in the fanciest dress and enjoy a special night with all your loved ones. You also enjoy photos sessions that are specifically for you. However, all of this can fall flat with the wrong choice of quinceanera dresses. More importantly, the choice of the dress should not just pertain to this one event. You might want to look into cocktail dresses or such categories, which can be reused in later special parties of your life.

To begin with, fix a budget and then stick to it. There are so many choices, which might render you quite helpless. You have to start with a target in mind. A specific style, a particular range of budget and the perfect match to your body type and looks – these qualities will help you streamline your choices to get to the best option at hand.

Many designers have a huge range of formal gowns, cocktail and vintage dresses. You can start with an

Office Dresses for a Sizzling Hot Summer

Office fashion doesn’t have to be dull and boring! This Summer Season, open your doors to a more trendy chic and stylish fashion makeover by spicing up your work ensemble with lively, bold prints and edgy dress designs.

If you’re hard-up for cash, there are some great online shopping deals that you can avail of. If you are into those Mediterranean style stripes, a brand called Betty Basics have dresses in their collection that would fit that look – the Betty Basics Arethea Tee Dress, for instance, can also be worn to bring in that somewhat fun and playful look into your regular office ensemble. Pair it with a black or dark blue blazer and pump shoes, accessorize, and you’re good to go!

If you’re the type who likes colorful printed dresses, the brand Azucar has a number of sheath dresses that will brighten up your office environment and compliment the warm humid summer sun! Some of their short sleeveless dresses that are on offer can be paired with white or neutral colored heels or flats for that chic yet fresh office look. Another great fashion brand is Salsa Trends, with their colorful and bold patterned

Prior to Choosing a Wedding Dress

it is important to have some basic knowledge of the intrinsic details that precede the process. There are many nuptial services and shops in this city. Since it is a major city in Canada, it has a well-developed service sector that deals in a great variety of marriage outfits and accessories. Some of these services include limousine services, photography services for the ceremony and DJ services. Mississauga residents have developed a practice of holding evening parties after the marriage ceremony. This has led to growth of DJ industry for such ceremonies. There are many nightclubs in the city where these evening nuptial parties occur.

Limousine services are available at affordable costs. Thus, many brides have taken to hiring limousines that have color matching with their nuptial gowns. These limousines carry the couple to various destinations during the ceremony. There are many varieties or styles of marriage ceremony dresses available in Mississauga city due to growth of fashion industry in the city. For this reason, brides are spoilt for choice and can get a host of varied designs that will suit the budget that one is working with.

Wedding dress varieties in Mississauga

Some of

Whistles Dresses That Work

How many of you ever heard of Whistles Dresses? The company is getting a lot of attention these days after it is being taken over by a very visionary expert in retail industry, Jane Shepherdson. Under her vision, now it is stronger and taken more seriously than ever before by those who are in the circle of fashion industry and couture enthusiasts. Rumor has it that Whistles Dresses work all the time, especially for women with modern visions. Seeing from the brand’s outstanding collection, the rumor is apparently a solid fact. Modern ladies who are very active and continuously on their way to build their career usually do not have the time to spend hours and hours in a boutique simply to choose the perfect apparel to wear on a gala. This company understands this situation and therefore, always comes up with items that are ready to wear and so enchanting. In fact, it will only take a split of a second for one to notice that it is the perfect dress.

The Nature of Whistles Dresses
There are things about this clothing that make women crazy about them. You will soon recognize that their collections

A Real Designer Prom Dress

Only one or two fashion houses can claim to have been founded and run by an award winning fashion designer; Alyce prom dresses were founded by Alyce Hamm and her brother Jean-Paul and to this day, remains a family owned business producing some of the world’s most beautiful gowns that have been worn by some of the world’s most famous and beautiful women.

Alyce Hamm hails from France and attended the world renowned Ecole de Couture in Paris. Soon after graduating she – along with her brother – founded a fashion house to design and make evening and formal occasion gowns. Because of her talents as a designer her name became synonymous with sophisticated designs. Of her success she said ‘It was a dream for me that my company become internationally successful. My designs are worn by women around the world.’

Some of the women who have worn an Alyce design include movie stars like Carol Burnett, Denise Richards and Meg Ryan (who wore one in ‘When Harry Met Sally’). Britney Spears wore an Alyce dress to her prom.

It’s not surprising that the rich and famous choose Alyce – the exquisite materials, adornments,

Get a Different Theme in Your Dress

If you want to create a different kind of look through your dresses, try out the Disney couture clothing. Right from the house of high style, you would go to the house of mouse. Confused? Well, if you purchase the dress items from the Disney couture clothing, you would find the Disney princesses are there in the clothing collections. In fact, the Disney couture clothing has been specifically designed to with a combination of the contemporary clothing along with the latest trends of fashion. Just try them out and you would feel the difference.

In the recent days, the popularity of the Disney couture clothing has increased to such a great extent that they have successfully spread all across the globe. These dresses would remind you of the characters that you have grown up with like the Mickey Mouse and the Minnie Mouse, Princesses and many more. These have in fact become the best sellers in all the categories.

If you think that the collections are like the cute dresses for the kids or some type of typical t-shirts, you are highly mistaken. Irrespective of the fact that the designs are largely based on the

How To Choose The Right Designer Dress

Just about every girl dreams about Prom Night. However, every girl is different and wants to wear something that not only complements her figure, but reflects her individual personality. A designer prom dress will make a girl feel even more special, unique and confident on the biggest night of her life. But, she needs to choose wisely. Here are some pointers.

Buying a designer prom dress is the right decision. Each fashion house employs leading designers whose sole purpose is to design unique, gorgeous and classic prom gowns. It’s their full-time job and they believe a woman who wears one of their creations is not only going to look fantastic, but will feel unique, as though the dress was especially made for her.

However, each fashion house offers styles that differ from other fashion houses, so a woman needs to be aware of their particular designs and, more importantly, what style of gown she will be her best in.

If romantic, classic lines are preferred then a Tiffany prom dress might just be the answer. Tiffany creates exquisite traditional gowns that have been adored by women for decades. Many feel that a traditional formal

tylish With Elvis Jesus Individual Dressing

The people who trust designer brands know that they will get value for their money. This is the prime reason why anyone chooses designer brands. The value that people attach to the various brands depends upon the classy couture styles, fabric and many other factors. The dress designers these days are on their toes to design celebrity style dresses and various emerging brands are indicative of this welcome change. Further internet has paved way for hassle-free online transactions for people with keen sense of fashion and numerous brands are therefore available under one site for them!

Among many brands of designer dresses, Elvis is one of the popular brands for both men and women. Basically women and men with taste for unique and special designs are interested in. Fewer other brands have great collections as Elvis Jesus when it comes to both gender dresses.

Here are some of the unique features of Elvis Jesus dresses available online:

(1) Individual styles: the Elvis Jesus designs and patterns are hard to find with other brands. Virtually you can say that there is no overlapping of ideas and no repeated prints.
(2) Within short period of time.

Pakistani Weddings Dress

Three Best Places to Choose Pakistani Weddings Dresses

A Pakistani bride wants to look beautiful and gorgeous with the perfect Pakistani weddings dress on this momentous day. The style, color, traditional value and the additional works done on the dress are some of the factors that influence the buying decision. The broad range of the bridal outfits caters to the varied taste of the customers.

The wedding dress collection unveils the Gharara, Sharara, Lehnga Choli and many other Pakistani bridal outfits. The bridal outfits also are made from different materials like jamawar, silk and the best needlework materials. Which is the best place to Pakistani bridal outfits? If you want to know the right place to purchase the bridal dresses, the three best places to choose Pakistani bridal outfits prove to be a guiding light to aid you in the selection process.

Pakistani Boutique Shops

This is one of the good sources to look for best bridal outfits. There are many Pakistani fashion designers who have made a mark in this field and they introduce many designs related to the bridal outfits. The outfits that are made of fine materials are also fashion-oriented

Elan International Dresses

If you have not yet heard of the designer, Elan International, you are not too far behind, don’t worry! This is a new designer on the women’s fashion scene and one that has been quickly climbing its way up towards the top of the industry. This particular designer specializes in casual wear for women of all shapes and sizes and of all ages. Their dress collection in particular has been drawing attention from women all over the world. Their dresses toe a fine line between casual and formal and this is exactly the versatility women are looking for today within their wardrobe. We are going to quickly outline the top 3 Elan International dresses within their clothing collection so you have a definitive place to start your shopping.

The Maxi Dress

The maxi dress is by far one of the selling pieces within the Elan clothing collection today. If you are not familiar with this style we will provide you with a brief overview. First and foremost, this style has been literally revived from our fashion history as it was a popular style in the ’70s. Picture a long and sleek dress that rests just

Tips on Rock Short Dresses

There are lots of different styles of short dresses to choose from when planning to get out on the town. The type, design, and characteristics of dresses to pick from really all depend on the specific activities planned and who is invited. Options are limitless for the modern sophisticate. Some events justify the ability to rock short dresses, while some others do not.

Why it is Important to Know When and Where to Rock Short Dresses

Knowing when, with whom, and where to wear a short dress adds a touch of class to the urban and suburban woman’s outlook. This know-how represents an added sense of refinement and makes her blend in with peers among the upper-echelon.

Having this savvy displays a heightened sensibility of the latest developments in the world of fashion, as well as that of more traditional, accepted “norms” of social class. This is exactly why it is of the utmost importance to have a clear understanding of when, where, with whom, and how to rock short dresses.

Intuition plays a major role in a woman’s decision about whether to rock a short or long dress, but there is more.

Summer Wedding Dress

For inspirational summer wedding dress ideas, look at this year’s top collections for the trends and styles that are not only growing in popularity but offer each bride an opportunity for something unique, classy and elegant for a ceremony being held in the warmer months of the year.

There are some overriding themes showing up over and over in the designs announced by recent fashion houses. While all the same silhouettes are available including mermaid, sheath, ball gown, and princess style dresses, there are new details, colors, and fabrics showing up in the trim and detail.

Shorter dresses ranging from mid-thigh to just above the ankle can be used to show just the right amount of leg and can help keep a bride feeling cool and comfortable throughout her special day.

Another great theme is the addition of fabric used for trim to add the look of feathers, flowers or buds in white. We’ve seen long stems that hug the bodice to rosettes of satin in various sizes.

The bodice is not the only thing getting some updated attention this year. Full skirts are being adorned with large, cabbage roses, buds, feather fluffs

How Do Designer Evening Dresses

Evening dresses fulfill the requirements of women to look exclusively attractive on special occasions and parties. In the past few years, the interest of women has inclined towards designer evening dresses. These dresses were earlier afforded only by women from rich and high class. Today, women from all sections of the society consider having a collection of these dresses.

What are the reasons that it is fast becoming popular as evening wear? When compared with the regular stuff, the dresses with designer appeal have significant advantages. If you have a dress store, you will find more number of customers attracted towards the designer evening wear. Find out the reasons that make designer dresses far more superior to regular evening wear.

Superlative Quality

It is better in terms of quality as compared to the routine evening dresses. To begin with, the fabric used for making designer dresses is of superior quality. In addition, the sequins, beads and other accessories used for designer dresses are authentic in nature. Ordinary evening dresses, on the other hand, are usually not able to match the quality standards.

Better Stitching

The renowned designers who design designer evening dresses

Little Black Dress of Yesterday

Little Black Dress is One of life’s greatest quests. Every woman looks and feels spectacular in it, using it as the go-to item in her closet for when she has “nothing to wear”. The little black dress has been a fashion institution since the 1920’s, when Coco Chanel created and introduced the first one. Chanel wanted to instill comfort with sophistication, which at the time was considered very cutting edge. Women were baring more skin on their arms and legs, enjoying a more lavish social life.

One of Chanel’s memorable quotes is that “luxury must be comfortable; otherwise it is not a luxury.” Her influence is felt still today, and the little black dress has seen many incarnations. During the Great Depression, the dress continued to be popular though the hemlines lengthen and the style was more restrained. The 50’s brought the pin-up girl influence to the make the dress more seductive statement, often in a halter style. While Mod in the 60’s shortened the length and added cutouts, it is the elegant black sheath dress designed by Givenchy for Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s that epitomized the style.

Before black became a staple in

Xcite Prom Dresses

Xcite Prom Dresses contributed to the 2010 Teen Choice Awards celebrity gift retreat, hosted by Katy Perry. If there had been an award for teens’ choice prom dress designer, Xcite would have been a clear frontrunner. Teens love the way Xcite allows their prom dresses to showcase their fun and young personalities in eloquent style. Xcite prom are the types of prom dresses people naturally associate with prom night.

Just as there are many different types of girls, there must be different styles of dresses. Xcite Prom provides beautiful dresses for girls who want a sexier, edgier dress, and there are also fun and unique choices for girls who prefer the girlish and romantic styles. The new line contains the favorites of the Xcite past seasons, and introduces new silhouettes and exquisite beadwork.

Whether you are looking for an eloquent gown, or a fun prom dress, Xcite can provide an endless selection of wonderful options. Xcite puts their customers first and aid them in the, sometimes difficult, journey to finding the perfect dress. Most girls have their dream dresses in mind; Xcite Prom will bring all the latest designs to the table, and will make